Intro to games design

Source control for game development:

Abbreviated as SCCS, source code control system is tool used to track the development of a source file to prevent it from being altered by more than one person at a time. It is commonly used for projects where multiple source files are used or where multiple people are working with the source file. When seen written in all capital letters, Source Code Control System refers to the first source code revision control system, which was developed at Bell Labs in 1972 by Marc J. Rochkind.

( Vangie Beal -



Group project – snow white adaptation

Semiotic analysis of snow white – Hidden mythology within the narrative.

The 6 Defining Characteristics Of Strong Female Protagonists:

She changes over the course of the story. She discovers her strengths and weaknesses. She surprises herself and she surprises us as she grows and learns. There should not be a sudden epiphany at the end of the story. We are not watching a Disney movie. Her change should be gradual and believable.

SWOT analysis of the character snow white based on mock article for insight:

Strengths: Beauty, Charm,

Weakness: Naive, Dependent on protection

Opportunities: Character Development, Revenge

Threats: Trusting towards other characters, easily manipulated


She does not exist as a support for another character. Other characters exist to support her. Her supporting cast are there to help her achieve her story goal and complete the narrative arc of her story. The antagonist is there to thwart her, and to show her how strong or weak she is. Her love interest is there to distract her from her story goal, and to show us her insecurities and vulnerabilities. (Remember that a love interest is not necessarily a romantic interest.) Her friends are there to support her, and to show us who she really is, how strong she can be – even if she can’t see it.

She has the ability to stand up to the antagonist. She is a strong character who is made stronger by her interaction with the antagonist. She has to have the intelligence, bravery, charisma, and will-power to make the story her own and come out on top at the end of the book.

Six Levels of Emotional Maturity

Jacobs Ladder Storyline

I am considering adopting elements from the narrative of the film ‘Jacobs Ladder’ as the dark theme and story carry meaningful connotations to concepts of death and drew inspiration from Francis Bacons artwork. This film has since inspired many productions, including the work of Silent Hill.

“The only thing that burns in Hell is the part of you that won’t let go of life, your memories, your attachments. They burn them all away. But they’re not punishing you”, he said. “They’re freeing your soul. So, if you’re frightened of dying and … you’re holding on, you’ll see devils tearing your life away. But if you’ve made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the earth.”’s_Ladder_(film)


I suggest that snow white awakes in a location in the forest in a familiar setting, however her surroundings have now changed and are much darker and quiet.

this is where the player is to learn the game mechanics. prompted by branches cracking and rustling in the surrounding environment. she navigates her surrounding and is very fearful.


once the player has shown that they understand the controls:

(Scenario 1) The creature chasing her catches up with her and she is saved by the spirit animals

(Scenario 2) The spirit animals are the creatures following her, they catch up with her and she discovers that the animals are curious and want to help her.

At this point, after some dialog, snow white gains the ability to summon the spirit animals to help fight the enemy.

She makes her way to the cottage of the seven dwarfs hoping to find answers. The player has to navigate through the maze in order to find the cottage.

At this point in the story, snow white is scared and not very strong. I suggest that their are 3 stages of character development. (See Below [Character development of Snow White:])


She Finds the cottage empty and run down, everything appears similar yet untouched for a long time. she hears the disembodies voices of the dwarfs realising that Snow White is there. They send her on a quest to aluminate the mines in order to free them. This will allow the dwarfs to be present as ghosts. (e.g. Their spirits are trapped in the mines?) She picks up a torch and adds it to her inventory. (Perhaps this could be used to scare off or slow down certain enemies as well).

Within the mines, she faces traps and obstacles as well as monsters. She has to ignite (10) Light sources in order to finish this quest. After she illuminates the whole mine, she is reunited with the dwarfs. At this point, they give her information to what has happened.

They all then attempt to leave the mine, however the (boss creature) stops them and they have to battle the creature.. Once defeated, the creature drops the armour that Snow White uses on in the next part of the game.







Character devolvement of Snow White:

1 Being the normal snow white. Fearful, non-confrontational

Snow White wears the blue dress that she is most often seen in.


2 Being a more adventurous and assertive snow white

Perhaps she attains amour and more stylised weaponry. Maybe light amour is a good option as at this point in the story she is still completing quests and traveling across the land.

In order to keep the basic look similar, I suggest giving her a blue cape (The same colour of her dress)

3 being vengeful and fearless

I would suggest at this point Snow White is wearing much heavier armour as if ready to fight. Perhaps stylised with magic, for example, a blue glow that emits a similar colour to her dress, and possibly blue decoration of some kind.




Herbs – Mushrooms, Fruits, Honey = Health and Limited Bonus perks.

Weapons – Range, Close combat, Shields, Potions

Gold – To trade in the village


Categorized by perks:

Health: Mushrooms, Berries, Health Potion, Honey

Stamina: Honey, Energy Potion

Bonus XP: Critical Hits, Potion

Magic: Potion, Sacred Fountain.

Weapon upgrades: Gems, Rubies..





6th March 2017

Piotr – UI complete (For now)

Started Pencil character concepts


To do:

Character concepts

Main Characters




Map Design

Animation (For now)

Equipment and Consumables


Alex –

Researched Narrative and similar plotlines

Description and basic analysis of snow white

To do:





Ian –

To do:

Look at technical list


Whole game will now be hack and slash






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